Sunday, 1 December 2013


So it's that time of year again, the time where we feel Christmas joy and the most stress.
Recently we have had the chance to go and cut down our Christmas tree.
We started out on a cold crisp Saturday morning around 7:00 AM.
After arriving and looking around we spotted a possible tree, only problem was that it was far up a hill across the river.
But did that stop us? No! We are the Curtis Family! We don't give up!
So we crossed that river, we hiked up up that hill/mountain!
All that was in vain, and lead to us wondering around a hillside cold with VERY sore calves.
Eventually, we did find a tree(S), though it was like two hours later.
We dragged those trees down that mountain and came to a problem.
We had to get across the river. Oh Gosh.
So we came up with a solution. We would get some rope and tie it to the trees and drag them across!
Here we are LoLing and admiring how smart we are until we notice------ the rope is in the car---------- ACROSS THE RIVER!
So Me, Amy, Libby and Hannah leaped over that river to retrieve that rope and we throw it across to Mom, Dad and Katy and Koda.
Awesome! Everything is going perfectly! But we know that never lasts long.
While reaching out for the rope i slipped and fell into the icy river of Death.
Fine it wasn't called that but it was Very Very cold!
Droplets of water ran down my face and soaked my pants and my overcoat.
Shivering, i managed to help them get the trees across and to safety.
But then the shivering got to bad and i had to race to the car where i stripped off my pants and relaxed in the warmth of some fleece blankets we had brought along for the ride.
Though i didn't stop shivering until we arrived home, it was a great and wonderful experience.
And it makes a good story.

So today (sunday) we put up that tree.
And while i don't have pictures yet, i can personally tell you, it is Beautiful!

Merry Christmas!

PS: I'll be posting more hopefully! :)

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